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Yesdating com

Why isn’t the church on the front line of helping us meet the right person while we are the right person?Why isn’t the church in control of this hugely important area of our lives?” Now, perhaps it can happen at any of those places, especially the latter.Many years ago, Wal-Mart had a program in Germany where singles could put a red bow on their grocery cart on a Friday night, communicating their availability to other singles.My own research plus over 25 years of leading singles ministries tells me 99.9 percent of single adults want to get married. How can you help single adults not only find a mate but become healthy enough to marry one?For many years, I’ve asked God for ways to show churches how to develop a single and young adult ministry and, once they have, to reach more people through it.They often see those involved as a group obsessed with finding a mate, even to the point of leaving God out of it.Unfortunately, what I see is a lack of a developed leadership structure.

Because heaven forbid they continue to build good friendships that could lead to a healthy, romantic relationship resulting in a strong, godly marriage! We young adults and singles ministries in our churches.

“Our singles ministry is not a place for singles to find a date; we are not a meat market!

” This is just one of the many comments I hear when I talk to church leaders about starting or growing their young adult/singles ministry.

If it’s that important, why isn’t it more important to the church?

Why isn’t the church not only leading us in this area but offering singles ministries to draw us in, Bible studies to educate us in our relationships, counseling for those hurting, and healing programs such as divorce and grief recovery?

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This program can show churches how to reach young, single adults and help them grow in the Lord. While there may be a tiny percentage of singles who would say, “No, I’m good.