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Six months later, we were in our pajamas, drinking wine, when Brian said he wanted to give me an early Christmas present. I quickly realized this was the box I needed the key for and ran upstairs to get it.

I hate early presents, so this took some serious convincing. I unlocked the box (with the bra still hanging off the key!

This time, I held onto the key for two days, at which point I lost it.

I searched frantically for it, retracing my steps all over the city. With some effort, he was able to get me another one, which I then attached to my bra so I’d never lose it again.

“We still have these clients in Brooklyn, but many more guests are coming from all over the world simply for vacation,” said Greenwood.

Early on, she and her family occupied the top floor of the Brooklyn establishment.“Entertainers and people who traveled a lot stayed with relatives and friends, and there were certain guest houses,” said Butler-Truesdale.“Some musicians had buses and they did one-night stands and slept on their buses, heading to other engagements.

In Ghana, we visited the #37 Military Hospital, Nyaho Medical Center, the Willows Foundation and the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Ghana.

I was fortunate to meet Mary Efua Odeba Ashley, the former Deputy Director of Critical Care, now retired and working as a labour and delivery nurse.

We weren’t into the idea of a hyphen, so after our wedding we had to go to court and argue in front of a judge why we preferred to use a space. Thus, the hashtag.”Thankfully, the beginning of their love affair was much less fraught. We always joked that there were fireworks—literally because it with the Fourth, and obviously figuratively.”Later that weekend, Brian insisted on joining Megan and Solange on their outing in D. They strolled around the city and ended up at a bookshop on Capitol Hill called Capitol Hill Books, where the owner happened to recite a love poem to them as they were leaving.People who make a living that is very different from mine.Nurses are creative and committed to their approach to providing the best possible care with the equipment that is available.“He told me to keep it on me at all times because I’d never know when I might need it,” she says.“This is also something he did the first year we met—he gave me a key to hold onto at all times for several months, and then while I was celebrating Christmas with my family a box arrived that only that key would open, and it was filled with photos and other goodies.

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Sometimes buses stopped at gas stations where people could change and wash themselves.” When Greenwood opened her first inn in Brooklyn, guests were generally family, friends and neighbors.

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