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If you send a UDP packet to a closed port on a server, the TCP/IP stack is supposed to send an ICMP port unreachable message back.

If it gets a response, it assumes that the port is open and immediately sends a RST (reset) to close the connection and then move on to the next port to be tested.If there is no response, Nmap assumes that the port is closed.The SYN scanning process is simple and is why Nmap can scan a host so quickly.The tool is command-line based, but there are a number of graphical frontends for those who want a point-and-click experience.Nmap can be used to scan for service ports, perform operating system detection, and ping sweeps.

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Obviously, a firewall can wreak havoc with a UDP scan, so it is a major limitation of searching for open UDP ports with tools like Nmap.

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