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Posted by / 19-Jul-2019 05:53

This is yet another largely unfounded claim from the Microsoft fanboys. There are still no games which are exclusive to this graphics API (as of July 2016).99% of the games which are being published at the moment will be Direct X 9/11 games, so your Windows 7/8.1 system will run them perfectly.

As far as M$ is concerned, all code is shit, and the only thing that matters is if it works well enough to be shown at a demo and shipped. In a new, not that unexpected, turn of events Microsoft now foists ads as part of updates for Windows 7 and 8/8.1 (See KB3139929, which says nothing about this new "feature").People were afraid but never believed it would happen. So, there are two kinds of issues with the Windows operating system created by Microsoft.However I've always felt that there are no resources or articles on the web which dig deep into Windows' problems and therefore I wrote this very concise essay.Mind that it was not created to say that Linux is better (it's definitely not).

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