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In this room we watched porn and made a few flicks of our own." Steffans also wrote that Ice T would give her money when she needed it, and he set her up in an apartment.

However, after he got the Law and Order: SVU gig, he cut her off and told her that she was ready to be on her own.

Steffans also shared that after the first sexcapade she had with him in Los Angeles, she recited lines to him from a Jadakiss song: "Got a chick named Super-head/She give super head." Soon Superhead became the nickname for Steffans that she and Ja Rule shared.

Little did she know that their pet name would soon spread throughout the hip hop community.

In 2006, Karinne Steffans released her autobiography, which was a cautionary tale about how she was an abused and neglected youth who succumbed to the glamour of the hip hop world and lost herself in the process.

She described how she felt nothing during the encounter until she thought about his resume and status.

Lots of allegations being thrown here, and not much resolution.

Despite reports that claim Karrine “Superhead” Steffans and her husband Columbus Short mended fences following a video she posted about Short’s alleged infidelity, it seems as if the former video vixen and author has filed a restraining order against Short following more disturbing, marital drama.

They married soon after (even though it was not legal because she was a minor), and Steffans claimed that he wanted her to call him "Daddy." She later described in vivid detail how he physically abused and cheated on her, and a year after the birth of their son, Steffans left him.

In the book, Steffans described fondly a lover she referred to as Papa.

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Although she was explicit about their trysts, she did not out Papa until years later where she revealed that Papa was rapper, Method Man.

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