Who is somaya reece dating

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Who is somaya reece dating

She is so popular that her music video been hit by thirty-one million times in You Tube.

The birth place of this American black beauty is California, where she raised up too. She is a combination of beauty with talent; yes she is a multi-talented artist.

Now, she not only has an attractive body but also enjoys a blissful love life.

Today, let’s have a look at how she managed to lose her weight and how does her current love life looks like.

She is also a fashion lover, so she runs her own clothing line and as her business and also a fashion store too. Now come to her television career, which is also very impressive.

And the worst thing about Joe is that he's the craziest person I've ever met in my life.

An American singer and reality television star Somaya Reece, who enjoys a successful career, has been one of those people who got bullied just because of her overweight.

However, Somaya has managed to lose some weight and slam all her haters with her slaying transformation.

"He just wrote me a really sweet text." But then she takes it a step (or several steps) further…

"Yeah, we've been having really good sex," she continues.

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