Who is miranda july dating

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It just wounded his soul.” Blake Shelton's Revenge Body Is Proof That He's DILF Material Miranda Lambert Has Maintained Her Impressive Weight Loss the "Good Old Fashioned Way" Did Miranda Lambert Get Plastic Surgery?

“I’ve only been here like, once or twice, and I was drunk,” Miranda Lambert says as we’re shown to our private table at Nashville’s Pinewood Social.

I’m sure I have a hundred more heartbreaks ahead of me. There are pockets of sadness.” You can use it as fuel. [Marriage is] a tough business, and we gave it our best college try. I do have a completely different outlook on marriage and what it should be about.

When I have a muffin top, a little extra hanging over—well, that always happens, some muffin top—but when it’s real bad, I ease up on the chips. But it’s about living in the moment and feeling every tinge of pain, then waking up the next day and going, All right, I’m going to ride my ponies.

My parents were private investigators, so our whole dinner conversations were about sex and people cheating.” Was it weird to you how much people flipped over your weight loss last year? I lost 20 pounds and got a lot more offers for things. I was turning 30 and was like, well, this is gonna suck from here on out if it’s this hard now.” Had your weight always been an issue? Hormones, you change birth control, you go out and party, you stop partying, then you work more, then you fall in love and get fat and happy, then you fall out of love. You go to Nordstrom and you look for an 8, and they’re gone.

I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was like, I have the same music, and you’re only talking about me now because I lost weight.

Come November, it is confirmed that Blake’s dating fellow Voice judge Gwen Stefani.

The timing of that news—mere hours before the Country Music Association Awards, where Miranda and Blake, both nominees, were set to perform—couldn’t have been more ouch inducing.

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“I didn’t need to be on it with everything going on in my life,” she says. That was bred in me from my grandma to my mama.” As it should be. But my mom doesn’t do all of her [Air- stream] hookups.