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Who is aro from twilight dating

Half of Hollywood's most famous couples are faking it.That's how Bella Swan's publicist convinces her to pretend to date troubled Hollywood bad boy Edward Cullen.He went by Aro Cort now, but I knew from Heidi that his real name was Aaron Cortowski. He even talked different, formal and sort of stylized, like he was from another time. He was like a whole different species."So, my friends," he began, looking up at us each in turn, "I think it's time we make a plan for what lies ahead for you. " Jasper asked."Focus groups," Aro explained patiently."What? " I asked, perplexed."Bella, what happened on the show was like catching lightning in a bottle. If there was one lesson I had learned in my six short months in the music business in LA, it was that it is about more than the music.I've been studying the band and your performances on the show. You were the young, unpolished, untried upstarts who took the show by storm and captured America's hearts. That might be the only part the four of us were focused on, but if we wanted to be successful, it apparently required a whole army of people whose job it was to think about all the other stuff.I swear I will never get used to such impossibly glamorous people paying this kind of attention to me. Why don't I just show you into Aro's office and you can wait there? Maybe in her world she was used to people throwing snit fits over things she had no control over.I still half-expected to be invisible to women like Heidi."No thanks, I'm good. You'll be more comfortable there." Heidi was smooth in her explanation, but she sounded anxious just the same, like I was going to throw a fit about having to wait. I guess that's what famous people did."It's really no problem," I shrugged. He was the one who sent that audition tape into the reality show, America's Next Great Band.We rented a ramshackle old house in a crummy section of town and furnished it with curbside rescues and thrift store finds. Well, at least some things were the same as they ever were.

Over the couch the wall was covered with framed photographs of Aro and all his clients, the faces of rock royalty. I could see there was a small stack of gossip and entertainment magazines on Aro's desk. There's no way we'd make it onto that show, I insisted. Three months of non-stop rehearsals, tapings and interviews.

It's our job now to find out exactly how that happened, so we can keep catching lightning in a bottle. It was all pretty much a pain in the ass, but when you've worked for something as long as we've worked for this; you're willing to put up with a lot of bullshit to achieve your final goal.

So if the band needed to be focus grouped and we all needed user-friendly labels, then we'd suck it up and do it."So?

And please call me Bella," I told her, shifting from foot to foot."Well, you're a little early, and Aro's not back from his lunch meeting just yet. Heidi opened the door to Aro's spacious airy corner office. He saw the ad, saying they were looking for bands to be on the show, to compete for the top spot and a recording contract.

The two walls were entirely glass, overlooking downtown LA. Really.""Well, please, don't hesitate to let me know…""I won't. Me, my cousin Emmett, Emmett's best friend, Jasper and Jasper's twin sister Rosalie. He didn't tell us until after he'd done it, and I told him he was crazy.

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Maybe they weren't related to me by blood like Emmett was, but they might as well be.

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