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To open a ribbon in the ribbon designer, double-click the ribbon resource in Resource View.In the designer, you can add, remove, and customize elements on the ribbon, the Application button, or the quick access toolbar.Instead, you create a ribbon resource, add ribbon buttons, and then associate the new buttons with the existing menu items.Although the menus are no longer visible, messages from the ribbon bar are routed through the menus. A ribbon consists of the Application button, which is the large button on the upper-left side of the ribbon, and one or more category tabs.I see that Microsoft have released and "MFC Feature Pack" as a sort of "extra" for MFC 9.0 It seems to have an awful lot of new stuff.Apparently it includes quite basic, but very useful, stuff like button classes with images, text, and tool tips (for which, in this case, I have developed my own DIY classes). [I am wondering whether it may have something which will solve the toolbar appearance problems I asked about yesterday.] Dave -- David Webber Author of 'Mozart the Music Processor' For discussion/support see On Tue, 0100, "David Webber" Hi Dave, I'm also in the process of migrating a project from VS2005 to VS2008 - and I had the same toolbar issue.

To add a ribbon bar to an application, declare the ribbon bar in the mainfrm.h file.

The MDITabs Demo sample shows a normal toolbar, with buttons for changing the visual style, and the MSOffice2007Demo sample demonstrates the full ribbon UI.

Best regards, Chris I am in the process of creating my very first MFC application using MFC Feature Pack.

Each category tab contains one or more panels that act as containers for ribbon buttons and controls.

The following procedure shows how to create a ribbon resource and then customize the Application button.

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First, create and customize a ribbon as a resource.

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