Waiting and dating pdf german men and black women dating

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Waiting and dating pdf

Trust me, I am eventually going to focus on the men’s role in a dating relationship, but in this post I’m going to address the women.Before I tackle this question I have to say that I chose this particular question to represent a bigger issue.I recalled the countless instances of frustration and impatience and even despair as the birthdays pass, and my situation seemingly grows more and more hopeless.

I cried, remembering all the years of waiting, of enduring the space between “no longer” and “not yet,” and reliving all the moments when I’ve felt forgotten by the God who claims to love me.It was one of those rare, almost impossible to attain moments where I felt Jesus carrying me, holding me close.It was a fleeting glimpse into the depth of his love for me—all really was calm, and all really was bright.You can never guarantee that someone is going to REACT or ACT how you want them to, but you can take CHARGE of your role in an interaction. I always get questions from women disappointed in the men in their lives.Lying, cheating, passive, arrogant, rude, selfish…the list goes on and on of the things I hear. I KNOW they’re out there, because I interact with them every single day through this blog and through the churches, colleges, and conferences I visit.

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Take responsibility for your relationships by investing your time in people who value your time.