Volvo test drive dating international dating nigeria

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Volvo test drive dating

That’s the reason rear-engine and rear-drive Porsche 911s can embarrass what we think of as proper drag-racing cars with their heavy front engines and lightly loaded rear tires. At its introduction, I was frankly under the impression that the new front motor, new front axles, and altered suspension were all presciently cooked into the car’s master plan from the beginning. And here at the dragstrip, at least, it was well worth it.

To be honest, I’ve always thought that number was pure propaganda from the wily old chicken farmer.Partially, it’s an expediency because we didn’t have time to perform the whole 0–100–0 circus, which requires added equipment and lots of runs to get a representative example.But it also boils the matter down to what’s really the car’s essential performance.The benefit from nearly doubling the tire footprint is pretty obvious.What might not be is an invisible phenomenon; the efficiency of a tire’s capacity to deliver grip diminishes as the tire’s downforce on the road rises.

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(Foot transition time from gas to brake pedal can vary a lot—from 0.2 to maybe 0.5 second.) OK, I agree.

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