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” Your talents are your gifts from God - how you use them is your gift back to Him. Being a daring news reporter, I offered to cover Hurricane Bertha from my beach house porch overlooking the raging sea for Inside Edition. For three days after the storm I had police escort to the Red Cross station to get food, I met a very handsome police chief with whom I shared memories of our little battered island.It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to become an author. We had so many similar memories, I wondered why we had never met before and then it suddenly dawned on both of us - that it was because of segregation. What if the laws that kept them apart could never separate their love?When we spoke previously, you advised black women to open up our dating parameters. I encourage black women to open your heart and horizons more. Our men are already enjoying cross-cultural dating in epic numbers. I am embarrassed to ask, but the Essence women want to know. I was leaving the news and heading into the talk show world. I want Essence readers to know that they too have a dynamic life story to tell. I encourage writers to dust off those pages they stuffed in a box and get busy writing again. We either get with the program -- or stay at home alone -- again tonight! He was already a big singing star and had a huge crush on me. showered me with expensive gifts, gigantic bouquets of flowers, proposed to me on New Year’s Eve, and says I influenced a lyric or two in that Secret Garden of his! and I most cherish our deep and undying friendship which we maintain to this day. But blacks, and even some white families, stood together and fought for their civil rights to have that community for their children, grandchildren, and America’s future.My parents dated on that beach, I have diapers washed away from that shore.

Establishing this black community on Topsail Island was a huge step in integration and was met with much opposition.

Rolonda Watts has been a media staple and news guru for decades. Destiny is eventually drawn to a new beau, raising issues with love, class and interracial relationships.

From her informative broadcasts to her tell-it-like-it-is talk talk show, Ms. Rolonda, you have so many talents, as a newscaster, talk show host, actress, and now author. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be Walter Cronkite and would read the TV Guide, mimicking his deep voice with my own. I even thought about being a doctor one time, until I had to dissect a cow’s eye in high school biology class and almost puked.

" We're told things have slowly gotten better since then.

Al and Quincy have been going out to dinners and their relationship is the best it's ever been.

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