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Updating the manifest mf

It is primarily directed at clinicians caring for children and adolescents in the outpatient setting.

This guideline is endorsed by the American Heart Association.

(See Table 1 for a complete list of KASs.)A detailed description of the methodology used to conduct the literature search and systematic review for this clinical practice guideline will be included in the forthcoming technical report.

For the topics not researched by using the PICOT format, separate searches were conducted.In addition to the 30 KASs listed above, this guideline also contains 27 additional recommendations that are based on the consensus expert opinion of the subcommittee members.These recommendations, along with their locations in the document, are listed in Table 2.Next, 2 subcommittee members and the epidemiologist conducted full-text reviews of the selected articles.Although many subcommittee members have extensively published articles on topics covered in this guideline, articles were not preferentially selected on the basis of authorship.

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The subcommittee epidemiologist created a detailed content outline, which was reviewed and approved by the subcommittee.

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