Updating speedstream dsl ethernet modem upstate n y dating

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Firewalls may cause problems as may AV software so it might be best to turn them off while doing the update.You may not be able to get faster than 7M anyway depending on line conditions and distance (copper length, not as the crow flies) from exchange. You got it right, I was able to load the new firmware.This is the full question listing of the Tux Radar Linux answers archive, designed to make it easier for people to create offline copies of the questions and answers.If that's your intention, please set your downloader to have at least a five-second gap between page downloads so that you don't overwhelm our server!I have downloaded to my PC both the SS 4200 upgrade images on the Siemens site (When I try to upgrade the firmware, the front screen comes up with the following sequence of messages:- firstly, “Searching for Device”- followed by “XIO Modem - No IP Address”- followed by “XIO Modem - No NIC IP”Throughout this whole process, the Update Firmware button remains greyed out and unavailable. I have tried both the Siemens’ images, run them several times, run them with and without the SS connected to the DSL link, the result is always the same as per above.I also tried the image on the Bigpond site, same result.

The bigpond site say I shouldn't need to, but I beg to differ. Resetting the 'new' modem to bridged mode is trivial, see/forum-replies.cfm? My PC was directly connected with the SS so I tried turning off the security measures. Switched off everything I could find in Nortons and Windows but it still didn't work.So I then tried my nine year old superceded PC which had much less in the way of security measures.The telstra firmware does NOT set it for adsl1 and it does NOT only work with Bigpond.I have an Optus direct connection and am running the telstra firmware with adsl2 and its running great.

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