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Updating mstar app app source file no exist

The actual directory and file hierarchy used to contain the source code of an application can be pretty much anything you like.

However, this can cause significant management issues when you use the same JAR in many applications - particular when faced with a need to upgrade to a different version of that JAR file.

To ask Ant to display the project documentation, change to the directory containing the To give you a head start, a basic file is provided that you can customize and install in the project source directory for your application.

This file includes comments that describe the various targets that can be executed.

Therefore, this manual recommends that you NOT store a copy of the packages you depend on inside the source control archives of your applications.

Instead, the external dependencies should be integrated as part of the process of deploying your application.

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There are three supported file types for metadata files: Note that although the metadata files are designed to be easily read and writable by humans, they are also processed and written by various scripts.

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