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Updating mac mini

For comparison, the ‘middle’ model Mac mini of 2012 had a 2.3 GHz quad-core i5 processor, and scored 2966 points in single-core tests (a little bit faster, just under 6 percent for the statisticians).And in multi-core mode it scored 11752 points, which can be written as 218 percent faster.Since the optical drive was stripped from the Unibody chassis with the mid-2011 refresh, the Mac mini has had space for two 2.5in SATA drives inside.That’s still the case, although there’s only one SATA connector on the logic board now, since the Fusion or Flash Drive models now work with PCIe-attached solid-state drives. Apple’s PCIe-attached flash drives are close to twice as fast as those available to Windows PCs, which still uniformly rely on the SATA Revision 3 bus protocol.

Read: For storage, the Mac mini still comes in 5 GB hard-disk configurations, with the same additional Fusion Drive and SSD-only options, the latter now up to 1 TB Flash Drive for just the top 2.8 GHz processor model.This is built with 4 GB of memory, and to double that to 8 GB will cost you £80 from Apple.For the previous generation, an 8 GB upgrade kit is available from Crucial, currently selling for £61.However even now, more than a year after Apple’s PCIe-attachment technology was introduced with 2013’s Mac Book Air, there is still no third-party manufacturer able to make a drop-in replacement to upgrade capacity.So DIYers looking to make a dual-drive Mac mini out of a single-drive purchase will be out of luck.

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