Updating dataenvironment commands introvert vs extrovert dating

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Click on the button marked "Modify Data" to enter a new value for the current customer's city.

The code will modify that row in the database without changing the row in the recordset.

If you use this method, you do not need to re-bind your controls: txt Customer ID. Data Source = Data Environment1Custome I'm very sorry that I have to reject vettranger's answer. What I didn't know was that I have to rebind the controls. What is wrong with this code respectively what is missing??? Commands("Q_LT"* To refresh a Connection or Command object Select the Command or Connection object to refresh, and then click Refresh in the Data Environment designer toolbar.

-or- Right-click the Command or Connection object to refresh, and choose Refresh from the shortcut menu.

Please help You have to requery the DE and/or rebind your controls.Is a battle of chores tearing your relationship apart?Raising a child is like an ocean voyage – full of raging storms, rough waves, and occasional sunny tranquility.Exit the project by clicking on the "X" button in the upper-right corner of the form.Modify the cmd Requery_Click event and un-comment the following line: Re Bind My Controls Re-run the project.

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