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And if he wants to "work out," calisthenics, like push-ups, pull-ups, and squats, are better for him now and still build muscles.Sweating it out five days a week is plenty, no more than one hour a day.What to Expect When You Have a Boy Muscles When to expect them: Somewhere between age 11 and late teens (and for some, even early adulthood) What to expect: He won't look like Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight, but your son will start getting more muscular, mostly in his arms and shoulders.

) What to expect: The estrogen that's being pumped into your tween's body from her ovaries causes breast budding -- small bumps behind the nipples.

Eventually the nipples and buds will get bigger, darker, and sometimes even pointy, becoming rounder and fuller over time.

Her boobs will feel a little tender, and one breast may be bigger than the other.

"When we went to Target, I'd say, 'Hey, pick out some bras you like and throw them in the basket.' Now she loves them so much she sleeps in them." How to get your kid to open up to you Tori had a hard time finding a bra that fit Gabi properly.

Eventually a friend who works at Victoria's Secret offered to measure her daughter so they'd know exactly what size to buy.

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Many girls also get a vaginal mucus-like discharge about six months before they menstruate for the first time. But it happens to all of us." One way to start the discussion might be the way Tori did: when her girls discovered her pads and tampons in the bathroom.