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woody Composed of, or being plant tissue composed of, cells containing large amounts of lignin. For example, pig heart valves are often transplanted into humans. Chemical element; A noble gas present in the atmosphere; atomic weight 131.30, atomic number 54; colorless, heavy, odorless,largely inert. Dry; this term is normally used only in describing environments. A plant capable of living under dry (xeric) conditions — xerophytic /zear-ō-FIT-ick/ xiphoid process /ZĪ-foid/ n. A technique used to study the molecular structure of substances. The vascular tissue in plants that carries water and minerals upward from the roots.

It is composed of cellulose fibers (which resists tension) and lignin (which withstands compression). Tissue or organs from an individual of one type of organism transplanted into or grafted onto an individual of some other type treated as a distinct species.

Tiny RNA plant pathogens, usually about 300 nucleotides long; thousands of times smaller than the smallest virus. Inside the infected cell, the virus uses the translational system of the host to produce progeny virus. They only carry enough genetic material to encode a few proteins.

Viruses consist of nucleic acid covered by protein; some animal viruses are also surrounded by membrane.

Sunburn is a reaction to DNA damage caused by UV light. An inflorescence in which the flower stalks (pedicels) radiate from a common point. The hoselike structure connecting the placenta to the embryo or fetus; contains the umbilical artery and vein. The navel (or umbilicus) marks the point of its former attachment. MOLECULAR STRUCTURE undulipodium (pl undulipodia) /ƏN-dyə-lə-PODE-ee-əm/ n. The muscular reservoir for urine, which it collects from the ureters, and discharges from the body through the urethra. The waste fluid produced by the kidneys and stored in the urinary bladder prior to excretion. Of or pertaining to the reproductive and urinary organs. The study and treatment of disorders of the urogenital organs. The genus to which the brown bear, Ursus arctos, and the cave bear, Ursus spelaeus belong.

UV-B (wavelength 3200 Å-2800 Å) and UV-C (wavelength 2800 Å-1000 Å) radiation both damage DNA and are therefore detrimental to most organisms.

CODONS | MOLECULAR STRUCTURE variance (s where m is the sample mean. (1) of or pertaining to the belly; (2) in humans: toward the front; (3) in animals: toward the underside or belly. (1) in humans: toward, on, or in the anterior and sides; (2) in animals: toward, on, or in the belly and sides. The small vessels that connect veins with capillaries. A blind, fingerlike tube of unknown function attached to the lower end of the human cecum.

In plant and animal cells, organelles that remove waste and store food. (1) a mucomembranous, thin-walled passage forming the birth canal; the passageway leading out from the uterus to the exterior of the body; the birth canal; (2) any sheathlike part. varicula /vah-RIK-yoo-lə/ (pl variculae /vah-RIK-yoo-lī/) A small varicose vein. Containing or composed of conductive tubes, arteries, or veins — vascularized /VASK-yə-ler-īzd/ adj. The central core of the vascular tissue in a plant root.

A vector, constructed from yeast DNA, used to clone large DNA fragments.

A hybrid resulting from hybridization of an ass with a zebra. (also zorse) A hybrid resulting from hybridization of an horse with a zebra.

The vestibule lies between the cochlea and the semicircular canals. A fluid-conducting tube or duct within a living organism. A genus of bacteria including the causative agents of cholera (Vibrio comma) and brucellosis (Vibrio fetus). Short, filamentous processes that occur on certain membranous surfaces such as the interior of the intestines or the surface of the chorion.

In human beings: the middle part of the internal ear.

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