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The company has made several curious decisions over the past few years but their fire sale tactic of shifting all of their Touch Pad stock was so successful that they had to build more.This indicates a strong following for the device, and with the web OS platform set to be made open source by HP during 2012, the direction for the device and its operating system can be decided upon by enthusiasts and experts.We're all here because we use and like Android, but maybe you've been a little curious and you're thinking of trying out the new i Phone X for a bit.Well, make sure your i OS adventure doesn't last too long.

Not bad for a device that was consigned to history a few weeks after launch.

Given that Palm and HP were once rivals in the handheld computer market, this was something of an ignominious capitulation.

In truth, you shouldn’t be concerned about HP’s inability to decide upon a strategy for this device.

§2–Understanding Web OS§3–Getting Started with the HP Touch Pad§12–Conclusion: Have Fun With Your Touch Pad!

§13–Appendix Developed by HP as a competitor to Apple’s i Pad, the HP Touch Pad is a tablet computer with a 9.7 inch screen, storage totalling 16 GB, 32 GB or, in rare cases, 64 GB, that can connect to wireless networks and be used for all manner of tasks: browsing the web, checking email, playing games, word processing, reading books and much more.

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It turns out Google won't keep your Android backups forever. Android has been able to sync some apps and data to a new phone since the Eclair days, but the system was vastly improved in Marshmallow. As someone on Reddit recently reminded us, Google deletes unused backups after two months.

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