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Last week, a third woman came forward with allegations against the actor.Creative producer Rachel Eck gave an interview to and alleged that in 2014, Westwick “aggressively groped” her breasts while at a hotel in Hollywood.earlier this month that Westwick and Serfaty, a Los Angeles-based model and actress, were “looking at engagement rings” in late October while vacationing in Paris.The source went on to say that those plans were put on hold after the first sexual allegations against Westwick came to light.Since then, I’ve been both assaulted and raped and emotionally abused in past relationships, all in college.I only recently came to terms with all of this, like within the last year and a half and my current boyfriend has been so supportive of me throughout it all.He was in awe of my strength to go through it and then just unapologetically own the experience and battle through it.” — Kirstin, 23 “I was out with ‘friends’ and I got crossfaded for the first time. I remember after that telling the next guy I was seeing about it and he was clearly weirded out and made a joke about whether I would ‘get too drunk and accuse him too.’ It turned me off from ever telling anyone again.

I’m worried they’re going to find out so it’s better they hear it from me.“We dated for almost two months before having sex for a few different reasons, but before we did have sex, I wanted to be clear about why I may act a certain way because at the time I was still experiencing like clenching issues and stuff.Basically, we just laid in bed and I explained everything and we just cried together for a while.It was a really vulnerable moment for both of us and I don’t think everyone can be that close to someone so quickly.But I knew from that moment on that this was someone I could trust not only with my body but with my narrative and my emotions, and I wouldn’t trade that trust for anything.” — Heather, 20 “I was raped my senior year of high school, and my most recent ex was the first and only person I told in five years.

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I guess I dodged a bullet because he’s clearly an asshole, but the experience makes me think I won’t ever tell anyone again.” — Lauren, 24 “I was assaulted during the first few of months of college so it’s something I’ve had to tell a few of my boyfriends since. I think that because I had a good experience telling my first boyfriend after it, I didn’t feel as scared when telling others.