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optional) or "obligate" (the animal has no reasonable alternative).Even this distinction is not completely clear-cut — for example, humans other than infants normally walk and run in biped fashion, but almost all can crawl on hands and knees when necessary.Types of bipedal movement include walking, running, or hopping.Few modern species are habitual bipeds whose normal method of locomotion is two-legged.This article therefore avoids the terms "facultative" and "obligate", and focuses on the range of styles of locomotion normally used by various groups of animals.There are a number of states of movement commonly associated with bipedalism.Many primate and bear species will adopt a bipedal gait in order to reach food or explore their environment.

Tree kangaroos are able to walk or hop, most commonly alternating feet when moving arboreally and hopping on both feet simultaneously when on the ground.

The maximum bipedal speed appears less fast than the maximum speed of quadrupedal movement with a flexible backbone – both the ostrich and the red kangaroo can reach speeds of 70 km/h (43 mph), while the cheetah can exceed 100 km/h (62 mph).

Zoologists often label behaviors, including bipedalism, as "facultative" (i.e.

The word is derived from the Latin words bi(s) 'two' and ped- 'foot', as contrasted with quadruped 'four feet'.

Limited and exclusive bipedalism can offer a species several advantages.

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