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Lawrence Campbell admitted he knew the girls, “TC” and “JC,” were under the age of 18, according to the plea.The couple also admitted to using a computer or internet to bring the girls to Iowa from Chicago for the purpose of trafficking sex for money.One of the customers who paid 0 for sex identified Sade Campbell as being with the girls, Irwin said.The girls told investigators they didn’t get to keep the money, it went to Sade Campbell.

Sade Campbell placed advertisements on the girls, under the names of “Sapphire” and “Aqua” on a website for escort services, FBI Special Agent Scoot Irwin testified during that hearing. The girls told investigators about three sexual encounters, Irwin said.

Occasionally this can be justified through Truth in Television as many computer users can indeed do things quicker by using the keyboard exclusively though shortcuts instead of a mouse, especially if using command line interfaces.

This trope though is about egregious uses of speed typing to control what a computer does.

Testimony during a detention hearing in May showed Lawrence Campbell lured the teens from Chicago, telling them he would take care of them, and then he and his wife made them have sex for money.

An FBI agent testified Lawrence Campbell met the two teens on an internet dating site.

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As of July 1, 2009 the law changed in regards toresidency restrictions; you can call 319-291-5029/5023, check the Iowa website, orthe Black Hawk County website (see next question).

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