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Some have very cheap international routes to Korea, Taiwan, China, and beyond.Note however that these very low fares have low to no free bag allowance, and may have no refundability or date changes.You must also have a round trip or onward ticket and the passes can only be bought outside of Japan before the start of the international trip.ANA also has an Experience Japan Fare with no blackout dates but 20kg total bag limit and no refund or date change possibility. In more recent years there are also now discount carriers like Peach, Jetstar Japan, Vanilla Air, Skymark, Solaseed, Starflyer and Air-Do.For using the latter, there is also a special discount round trip N’EX ticket (valid up to 14 days).Japan is 9 hours ahead of London, 17 hours ahead of California PST (16 ahead on PDT), and 1 hour behind Sydney, Australia.

The summer high temps can go up to 38C (100F) or so, and the winter temps can be as low as -2 or 3°C in the southern half of the country.The information has been divided into the following sections: The flight to Japan is VERY long and tiring — bring some aspirin and eye drops with you — you’ll need them.Some ear-plugs, an eye-mask, and skin lotion can also help.Before your flight, sign up with a frequent flier program — many airlines have them, and eventually you can get free flights through them.If your final destination will be in a large or medium size city other than Tokyo or Osaka, you might consider flying via Seoul.

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They shared 10 tries in a 31-31 draw with South Africa before winning 78-0 against the Czech Republic in Prague and beating Fiji 40-7 in Belfast.