Sex chat on phone from mumbai local

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Sex chat on phone from mumbai local

Hi All, I am Ramesh again, its has been since last few days, i did not write to Kerala Erotica, was busy at work, but, me and my wife Sujata always visit site.and the friends that we got from kerala erotica, its our gifit, all are in touch with us still.As i have been aware of the natural tendency about sex in men and women, i can kind of guess that she might be having very less sex with her hubby. Being horny in the age, i used to masturbate imagining me with her doing it in different situations.Its already been 2 years that i know her and in those times, she kind of got friendly with us and used to talk to us when she comes to fetch water.She was giving a strange smile that shows a spec of disbelief about what i was saying that i never kissed a girl.I had my heart thumping hard when this was going on. Friends.have actually conversed in our local language “telugu”, but i am translating it in common cause.It was during my project time that my room mates went to different places to work on projects for the final year and i was doing it in my college.So i stayed alone in our house for the last four months.

I pulled my shorts down along with my underwear and my cock was free and standing erect. Once she had even gone down, As i asked her, to my cock and kissed it, sucked it, taking the cocks head in her mouth.I did not even think, a net person can change my wife like this, as wild sexy girl.. I hope you enjoyed my previous story “Anjaly Aunty”.Its been long time since i started getting into Adult content on net.I can’t give name of a person here, that he is giving good company and pleasure for us, every month.he is a good stry writer in kerala erotica to gave a chance to enjoy the three some, once in a month.

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I took her both lips between my lips and licked them with my tongue.

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