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Although since l respect you as a person I will refrain from commenting further on for you I wish you the best of luck.

Obviously Refrain I don't think she was serious bro.

word you used that is higher than the 7th grade level August 21, 2013 at pm Like August 21, 2013 at pm Like I'm fine, Your pathetic attempts to intimidate me with your August 21, 2013 at pm Like 1 grammar are fine enough.

A question from a male (mid-twenties, so tempted to out his gamertag) friend on Xbox LIVE asked me about the limitations of Skyping with his female friends in the buff on the Xbox One console.

The main concern was that whilst he is excited about 1080p voice controlled cyber-sex-mutual-masturbation-whatever-you-call-it on an HD screen with his overseas girlfriend (or potentially string of them), will the Xbox LIVE enforcement team take action on his account for such recreational non-gaming activities with his penis?

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August 21, 2013 at pm Like : Mc August 21, 2013 at pm Like1 August 21, 2013 at pm Like practice looking in your thesaurus faster We believe the best people in the world work right here.

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