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Acronis is turning to artificial intelligence, or AI, to combat ransomware attacks.The Burlington, Mass., company has built a new version of its Active Protection technology that is integrated into Acronis True Image backup software and uses machine learning to help prevent ransomware viruses from corrupting data.These models become part of the Active Protection so that Acronis True Image can protect a system's data independent of an internet connection while combating ransomware.Active Protection can then detect suspicious behavior and check it against the normal process using heuristic analysis and the machine learning models.Download this hand-curated guide to equip yourself with the knowledge needed to combat the scourge of ransomware, with articles detailing Acronis’ use of blockchain technology, object storage products that bolster protection, and more.

Phil Goodwin, research director for storage systems at IDC, said Acronis True Image backup acts more like malware detection with this new technology. They are still different from malware detection, but they are moving in that direction," he said.

"Before, with Active Protection, we detected changes in files.

We looked at files, and if multiple operations of encrypting files occurred, an alert was raised," said Gaidar Magdanurov, vice president and general manager for consumer and online business at Acronis. Ransomware can inject code into the application and, on behalf of the application, it encrypts your files." Magdanurov said ransomware attacks have begun to affect home users and smaller business customers. In the past, Acronis has added Active Protection and other security features in its Acronis Backup application for businesses after first including them in Acronis True Image backup.

Also, creating ransomware to attack Mac computers is not as easy.

The Dell Equal Logic PS6000XV is a virtualized Internet SCSI (i SCSI) SAN that combines intelligence and automation with fault tolerance to provide simplified administration, rapid deployment, seamless scalability, and enterprise performance and reliability.

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"There are new types of ransomware attacking Mac computers," Magdanurov said.

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