Sedating your baby for flight

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Sedating your baby for flight

When the being together made me feel lonelier than truly connected.Who knew you could get so excited about a little, “gobble, gobble.” The smallest in our family also make holidays more complicated though.I remain stunned at how rude the public can be when they feel inconvenienced by flying and sitting around children.Nonetheless, I still wouldn’t push the syringe full of Benadryl to make it better.I know how painful flying can be with a squirming, screaming infant or toddler and the surrounding public.With F (my first born), we took more than 10 commercial flights in his first year.(CNN) -- If the kids become too much to handle, slip 'em a little cold medicine.It's an often-repeated joke -- or advice -- that parents share on the playground or on Twitter and Facebook pages.

But when you give an oral medicine, it enters the blood stream and has effects all over the body.With Benadryl, those effects are often on the brain, gastrointestinal system and skin.One of the side effects from Benadryl is that it’s sedating, hence why people talk about using it for travel.One mom, Jill Smokler, said she doesn't vilify parents who medicate their kids: "It's not the end of the world." "It's certainly better than being pushed to edge, spanking a child or slamming doors or really losing it," she said.But drugging children with over-the-counter or prescription medications can have unintended consequences, said the author of a research published Thursday, who likened the practice to child abuse.

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Using a medicine for parental convenience is not an indication to medicate your child.

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