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Wilton was of significant importance to the church, with the founding of Wilton Abbey in AD 771 and a number of other establishments.In AD 871 Alfred the Great fought and lost an important battle there against the Danish armies, leaving him in retreat for several years.The arrival of the railways led to increased prosperity.The railway stations closed in 19 respectively; the nearest station is now at Salisbury.The building of Salisbury Cathedral nearby, however, caused Wilton's decline, as the new site of Salisbury, with a new bridge over the River Avon, provided a convenient bypass around Wilton on the trade routes.Wilton Abbey was surrendered to Henry VIII in 1539 during the Dissolution of the Monasteries, and in 1541 much of the estate was granted to Earl William Herbert of Pembroke, upon which Wilton House was built.

The factory re-opened, although it was unable to retain the Wilton Royal prefix. One (later known as Wilton North) was opened by the Great Western Railway in 1856 on their line from Westbury to Salisbury, and another (later known as Wilton South) opened by the Salisbury and Yeovil Railway in 1859 on the West of England Main Line from London to Exeter.The boundaries of the modern civil parish originate with the Borough of Wilton defined in 1885.The parish includes the villages of Bulbridge and Ditchampton.Wilton is a town and civil parish in Wiltshire (of which it was once the county town), England, with a rich heritage dating back to the Anglo-Saxons.Carpets have been manufactured at Wilton since the 18th century.

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East of Newark-on-Trent, near the village of Beckingham.

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