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In Akan culture, the different colors and intricate patterns used in the weaving do have traditional meanings.

Kevin Coward, 63, worked as a forklift operator, a job that required him to frequently get on and off the machine to adjust pallets or move stock manually.The clothes woven for the king were each unique, and whoever tried to reproduce them was severely punished.Kente is an Akan royal and sacred cloth worn only in times of extreme importance and is the cloth of kings and nobility, before finding its way into bags, and scarves sold around the globe nowadays.To learn more, check out: Kente history, Wrapped in pride, Kente designs,, Afroriental, and Busua Inn. Yvonne Colbert has been a journalist for nearly 35 years, covering everything from human interest stories to the provincial legislature.

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As well, an orthopaedic bracing specialist told WCB in July 2015 that braces were "mandatory" and should be used on a daily basis for everyday activities.