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Finnish forces reached the bridge while it was intact however the German rearguard managed to push Finns off the bridge long enough for the demolition.This stranded the Jaeger Brigade on the southern side of the river opposite of the withdrawing Germans since there were no other immediate means for crossing the river.On 14 October the first Finnish forces reached the vicinity of Rovaniemi.These consisted of the troops of Jaeger Brigade (part of the Finnish Armored Division) advancing from Ranua.

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Retreating German forces utilized scorched earth tactics, and though initially German General Lothar Rendulic ordered only the public buildings in Rovaniemi to be destroyed, on 13 October 1944 the German army received orders to destroy all the buildings in Rovaniemi, only excluding hospitals and houses where inhabitants were present.

While the German rear guard was going about the destruction, an ammunition train in Rovaniemi station exploded and set fire to the wooden houses of the town.

Also once the fighting in Tornio region had ended the Finnish 3rd Division started to advance towards Rovaniemi on the road running alongside the Kemijoki river.

Though Finnish forces advancing along the Kemijoki river were unable to move swiftly enough to engage the Germans, the same did not hold true for the Finnish forces advancing from Ranua.

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The next Finnish unit to arrive was the 11th Infantry Regiment, advancing along the road on the northern side of the Kemijoki river on 15 October 1944.