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Robert plant dating history

By the end of the 1780's the Calico Printing Mill Works was set up.

Because of its uniquely sheltered position, the parish escaped the turmoil and disasters from war and public agitation which troubled other parts of the country, and also, because of its seclusion, it retained old customs longer than most other districts.Houses were filled as soon as they were completed, and additional shops opened to cater to the needs of the growing numbers of villagers.The transformation of the area, was so astonishing that at first it was something of an irritant to locals.The owner of the works, Charles Mackintosh, was famous because of his development of a waterproof fabric used to make clothing, but he, together with Charles Tennant, also devised a revolutionary bleaching powder.Despite making good progress, Lindsay, Smith and Co., closed the Lennoxmill Calico print works in the early 1800's owing to 'commercial embarrassments' , which were thought to be financial.

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Into their parish, where agriculture and handloom weaving had been the local industries - the factory had come.