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While the proliferation of loud grunting on tour has often compelled me to watch tennis matches with the volume muted, I can think of at least one activity during which audible outbursts of passion are totally permissible.

Don’t be surprised for some weird looks from your neighbors, though.

Flexibility, core strength and fitness easily outrank musculature as the sport’s most desirable attributes, which limit bulk while encouraging a flat stomach.

Women tend toward the lithe and long-legged, while your prototypical male measures about 6′ 2″ and approximates Michelangelo’s David, muscle-wise.

Rodgers had been estranged from his own family after he started dating Munn.

According to the sources, Rodgers’s family didn’t like Munn pretty much and also thought she was not with him for the good reasons.

“The soccer player has a natural, incredibly sexy shape,” she moaned (or at least that’s how I imagined the tone of the article).

Those who can’t lay claim to bottomless trust funds (and many can), usually boast lucrative jobs to foot the bill for their favorite pastime. “Weekly clinic” is often a thinly-veiled euphemism for “Singles’ Mixer,” while “Want to hit some time?Moreover, the source added: All the time, a favorite couple of the people quit their relationship after the three years of dating. It is quite shocking and sad news for their fans that they are no more together now.The very spicy love story of Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn has come to the end.Before you contest that such an expenditure would be better put to use at a beachfront property or five-star hotel and spa, remember that most tennis resorts are actually the principle amenities of … And should your tennis player be a big fan of attending pro tournaments, prepare yourself for the drudgery of his/her bucket list item #1: seeing all four Grand Slams, whose drab, unfathomable locales include Melbourne, Paris, London and New York. Or they would be, if not for the presence of crew socks, wristbands, parcels of athletic tape swathing various expanses of the body and (for girls) shirts with intricate webs of straps where a back should be.Seriously, can you think of another sport in which you and your beloved can align forces and take on your in-laws in a very real and competitive way? Obviously, this leads to some imperfect tanning patterns.

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If you watched a tennis match blindfolded, you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for something vaguely orgiastic.

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