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This means that somewhere out there in the vastness of space, there are planets far older than ours where life began and has possibly ended due to the passing of millions of years.

During their research they had managed to gather clumps of living cells from the stratosphere where there is no oxygen, nitrogen, or carbon dioxide.They had discovered extraterrestrial bacteria deep inside a meteorite estimated to be 4.5 billion years old.The two scientists asserted that the Bacteria which had DNA unlike any on Earth had been resurrected in a culture medium.To head off the next obvious question; yes, there are even larger number-systems, like the “octonians“, and inventing ever higher systems is easy enough. A Human-like race of aliens that visited Earth in flying machines and were treated like gods as can be seen from the many paintings and pictures from ancient times. There is a plethora of unanswered questions regarding aliens and for every theory that is put forward, there are doubts and an irritating lack of evidence. However, there is one other theory which I shall put to you in just a moment and there is scientific evidence to support this theory.

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The three most popular types of panspermia are: The Panspermia theory first appeared in the writings of Benoît de Maillet, a French nobleman, Diplomat and natural historian.