Questions originales speed dating

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Once the matches have been decided, they will contact you with your particular list of names and numbers and the rest is up to you.

Be Prepared Before You Go Chances are that you will be nervous before you even speak to the first person and that is only natural.

All the men or women, depending on the event, rotate to the next match and the process starts all over again.

If right from the beginning you can tell that the partner you are matched with is not for you, continue to be polite and ask the typical questions until your time runs out.

The idea is to gather a large number of men and women together into one room allowing them to meet each other.

The process begins when all of the men and women are paired up with partners and they are sitting facing each other close enough to have a conversation.

The good thing is that even if you are not a match with everyone you meet, you will only have to be with them for at the most ten minutes and not an entire date.

This is one of the benefits that most people really like about speed dating.

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You will have anywhere from five to ten minutes depending on the event to ask each other questions so you can get to know each other.