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He had been trying to do everything to stop think about incest, even given up masturbating after his mother almost caught him masturbating outside of his older sister’s room four months ago. Even though Adam knew what he was doing was wrong, part of him knew that if he didn’t cum, he would do something even worst.Before he could cum, Adam heard a knock on his door.As Adam got to his room he shut the door and striped naked.

Adam did not know how to react so he looked down and said nothing.

Like her panties would come up missing from time to time, and would be found with stains in the crotches of them.

Or that he son would be outside of her or her daughter’s room for long periods of time.

He knew that his thoughts were wrong, and that he should stop, but he just couldn’t.

He had been have this incestuous thoughts of not only his mother but of his two young sisters since he started being interested by girls.

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It took Wendy close to two years for her to move on with her life and get things back to a bit of normalize.

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