Patriot singles dating

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Patriot singles dating

A man may mistake error for truth and give his unreserved assent to a false statement.

He may then be under the irresistible illusion that he knows, and subjectively the process is the same as that of knowledge; but an essential condition is lacking, namely, conformity of thought with reality, so that there we have only the appearance of knowledge.

Hence we may distinguish actual from habitual knowledge.

The latter extends to whatever is preserved in memory and is capable of being recalled at will.

Sometimes belief refers to assent without certitude, and denotes the attitude of the mind especially in regard to matters that are not governed by strict and uniform laws like those of the physical world, but depend on many complex factors and circumstances, as happens in human affairs.Apprehension, that is, the mental conception of a simple present object, is generally numbered among the cognitive processes, yet, of itself, it is not in the strict sense knowledge, but only its starting-point.Properly speaking, we know only when we compare, identify, discriminate, connect; and these processes, equivalent to judgments, are found implicitly even in ordinary sense-perception.To say that I know a certain man may mean simply that I have met him, and recognize him when I meet him again.This implies the permanence of a mental image enabling me to discern this man from all others.

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Faith is based on the testimony of someone else-- God or man according as we speak of Divine or of human faith.