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Two recent stories in the Chronicle (SF Gate online): 1.Teacher fired for stripping - she fought it and a higher court said she was rightly fired, she would ''never get respect.'' 2.When I spoke with her about it, her views were 180 degrees different from mine.She felt that that as a feminist, this was her way of taking a stand against male oppression (!

My heart breaks for you as a parent - having such different views about something so intimate is difficult.

I read text messages and found photos of 3 nude males.

I also found her planning to meet someone this summer.

Aside from explicit photos, she had details about herself that would allow someone to figure out who she was and without too much effort, where she went to school and where she lived.

To make a long story short, she deleted her account, but she still doesn't see anything wrong with posting the photos.

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Jan 2013 When my college-aged daughter was home over the holidays I learned she was posting nude photos of herself on a site where men pay to view photos, live chat, view videos and exchange messages with women.