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Members also get the chance to write a section about themselves in their profile.This can be as long as you wish, and is probably the most revealing section of the profile and the best section to look at to get an idea of what someone maybe like.This is a UK only site, and does seem to have quite a large membership - however not all of its members are looking for a serious relationship, some are only looking for friendship, and others are just looking for fun.Basic membership of Over 40 Dating Club is free, but this only allows you to browse.Communication is easy inside Over 40 Dating Club, you can send messages using the internal email system, or if you wish you can look for people online that are available to chat with. you type a message and they type one back, this all happens in real time - just like chatting on the phone, but using your keyboard instead.If that seems a bit too instant, you can stick with the internal email system.The result of this lower cost inevitably leads to some members joining and then, if they have not had much success in the first few weeks, not checking their messages as often as they might on more expensive sites.

That’s what we love about our members and we’re sure you’ll love them too, so join this exclusive dating club and sign up for over 40 dating today.

Sure, we’re more experienced than in our 20s, but we’re more open to new things, meeting new people, and reinventing ourselves.

For many, getting out there and meeting new people is high on the priorities list.

Over40singles is one of the safest dating sites in the UK we have 23 members of staff checking profiles to filter out the scammers to make sure all our members are safe.

So why not give Over40singles a chance and you never know you might meet someone that can share in those special moments.

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I would recommend your site to anyone who is thinking of joining a dating site but not sure or worried.