Online web chats for adults

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Online web chats for adults

The URL is Added November 10, 2009: The new website Diabetes Well Being has put together about 200 articles related to diabetes.

Topics include diet reviews, research on possible natural or alternative treatments, and many other informative topics.

This story is from Ed Week Market Brief, a service offering business and school leaders actionable insights about the K-12 marketplace.

He is the author three books, including Diabetes for Canadians for Dummies.

Just make your plate look like the food in the picture and you are automatically following a 1800-calorie balanced diet approved by our Registered Dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator.

The Adult Onset Diabetes Photo Diet is perfect for a newly diagnosed type 2 adult or for people who have not been following their previous diabetes diet and need a simple reminder to get back on track.

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The URL for his site is Added January 26, 2009: The Diabetes Library is a collection of diabetes related information collected and organized by human editors.