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With so much going on in our respective lives now, it was a chance to renew the closeness we had all shared together during the course of the years, an opportunity then to just enjoy being around one another again the way we all used to do.And then only a day before we were scheduled to leave dad experienced some chest pains, requiring an emergency trip to the hospital, though the preliminary tests they ran, soon ruled out his having had any sort of heart attack or anything like that.Jack along with Jessica were both engaged to be married, and that meant there would be inevitable change coming soon after that, so it might very well be the last time we all went to the cabin together alone as a family, not to mention the fact that though we called it our annual trip, it had been nearly two years since all four of us had been able to go up there together.So it was another reason that we truly were looking forward to going.Though I for one enjoyed going for long walks in the woods, something that Darlene and I had both enjoyed doing ever since we'd been going up there as kids.

Without them being there this time however, we decided to make the best of it, and planned on having a really good time together enjoying the rest and relaxation of the Lake, fishing, and rowing around in the small boat we kept there.

But his doctor did want to keep him for twenty-four hours for observation, and then run some follow up tests the first of the week.

And with that, our planned trip seemed to suddenly fall apart understandably so.

She'd once been dared to run out to the street in a blinding snowstorm completely naked, which she'd done, and which should have been simple enough.

But she had done so waiting until a car finally came by, shocking the hell out of the passengers, before running back inside the house, cold as she was by then.

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Something I became painfully aware of as they soon after came downstairs to rejoin us wearing only that.