Number of states mandating automobile insurance

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Number of states mandating automobile insurance

(Note: The required amount of property damage insurance if the Motor Vehicle is a motorcycle is ,000).

Read below to find out about optional coverage types that can offer further protection.

Someone who's been injured in an accident cannot seek to recover any of the following from the at-fault party*: You do have the right to reject the limitations on your right to sue; however it must be in writing on a no-fault rejection form submitted to the Department of Insurance.

If you reject the limits, PIP protection will NOT be provided to you.

Minimum Required Liability Coverage Members of the Foreign Mission Community applying to register a Motor Vehicle must submit proof of liability insurance in the amounts set forth below and in the following form: 1.

A copy of an insurance company's binder, valid for at least 30 days from the date of application 2.

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Note: The Secretary of State is authorized by the Act to impose a surcharge or fee on a Foreign Mission if an uninsured motorist of the Foreign Mission is at fault for personal injury, death or property damage and has not satisfied a court rendered judgment.