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They have already used her on the cover once before and she was not even known at that time (other than as a “worst-dressed”). In the end, you have to give her credit where credit is due. Just watch scientology use this to promote themselves and how successful you can be if you embrace L. She will deliver seminars to the unsuspecting at the Celebrity Center “how to become a #1 chart topper”… Everything in the life of a scientologist like Joy Villa takes a distant second row to Hubbard and scientology. She saw the fanaticism that has become part of daily life in this country and figured out how to play it to her advantage. So, with her “statement” dress rousing Republicans to encourage downloading her songs on i Tunes “for being a brave supporter of our President” she rocketed up the charts. And what is even crazier is that blind supporters of all things Trump (and to be sure there are those that just as unthinkingly support all things “anti-Trump”) did not know that Ms. And that she will capitalize on her 15 minutes of fame to promote herself (with the help of scientology) as a “#1 selling artist” (no longer the oddly self-titled “Grammy considered artist”).This newfound celebrity will be used to try and attract new people to scientology.In a town and industry that has little love for anything Republican, and plenty of outright disdain and hatred for Donald Trump, Ms.Villa instantly had Trump supporters rushing to defend her, of course without knowing anything other than “She wore a dress in support of the President.” When I noted that she was a scientology shill on Twitter, one person responded by decrying the scanty “vagina-chains” sported by Lady Gaga and others noted the “scarecrow” look of Katy Perry, never mind the hated Beyonce’s outfit — apparently supporting Ms. My kik is [email protected]@@@@@@ I am an older guy traveling everywhere in my cargo van, and dream of pussy network. Wt up I was on twitter tryin to get a deal in the adult world I was told by thick red to get with you I'm a 36 yr old black male from clarksdale ms I bin in prison 8 yrs an I bin home on house arrest 4mths I need a deal I'm very good at this porn shit jus need some help I also rap if you interested pleas contact me @@@@@@@@ @MIKE AMBITIOUS BOOTY will be out next month. @Sam All new guys got to pay for everything includes female, room and my time.

@BBCslut HEY GENIUS MY NUMBERS ON HER AS WELL AS A CONTACT FORM @thenabster126 SORRY BRO U SOUND LIKE ONE @Kmoney CANT HELP YOU Please tell Miss natural to get in contact with her production crew at Magic productions because the processor for online credit card processing Epoch does not work we been trying to contact this guy for weeks now would you please let Miss natural know this please thank you yo. I got a friend who is lonely and has not had sex in like 6 years. I'm 19 year old straight/heterosexual African American guy who needs stable income. I fuck lots of girls already, they love me I live in Oakland, California. @Minnie mi sorry gril i dont celebrate peoples bdays. I would very much love to cum on board By writing u scripts so as to improve ur content n increase ur fan base. But I find that the girls you choose does not reflect the likes of everyone please tried to turn a scene with pornstar thebuttxxx or with sinnabunnz they have very big butt you could well have fun with it.

My address is @@@@@@@ Hello 31 yrs.i really love your site and the videos . She is my favorite star.i think I got the cock she can is email:i*******[email protected] forwards to ur response @T BOY All that negativity.

you probably one of them dudes that cant get any pussy from women of color so u go on a rant about them.

And this stuff is NOT hard to find, it is right on her twitter account.

But as with much social media discourse, facts are irrelevant.

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