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Even when the action’s fixed, winning the prize becomes an obsession, and guys keep on playing, long past the point of reasonable expenditure. D., MPH, ACSE, ABS, ACS, FAACS, and co-founder of SEX COACH U, “Some commitment phobic men really do like to commit.Certain males are drawn to bitches because romantic relationships with built-in self-destruct cycles secretly appeal to them. We see it a lot with clients who are in courtship mode. The woman spewed a seemingly unending list of demands, complaints, invectives and put-downs, while her paramour looked on helplessly. Maybe you were in a restaurant—wherever you were, you couldn’t help but overhear the conversation of a couple seated in close proximity.That Hugh Grant vulnerability thing only works in the movies.But what does it actually mean to be a real man and, if you’re already a nice guy, what changes do you need to make to assist the transition from one to the other?When they attempt to find a ‘real woman,’ they look in the wrong places for the ‘bad girl,’ who turns out to be a disaster—nasty and toxic.” (Or Kardashian…) It’s “Mommy” issues.Men (and women) who grow up in dysfunctional families are often doomed to recreate negative behaviors in an attempt to heal the deep-seated hurt that arises from neglect, indifference, or worst-case scenario, abuse.

But whatever the catalyst, hitching your wagon to a bitch guarantees you’ll be hitting the end of the trail sooner rather than later. In a world that glamorizes the likes of the Kardashians and so-called “real” housewives to the status of sex symbols, it’s no wonder guys are confused. Britton sees a disturbing tendency in some younger men to regard media and porn examples as “real relationships on display,” when in truth, they are not real relationships at all.(Can you imagine if men selected fruit using the same criteria?Durian sales would go through the roof.) Because bitches are often aloof emotionally, although not necessarily physically, they become the giant stuffed unicorn at the sideshow ring-toss game.Real men, on the other hand, are in control of their feelings and allow them to be externalized in a healthy and measured way.Working on this balance between confidence and externalization is the key to becoming the real man of every woman’s dreams.

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Sad, but true.” She adds, the brave new world of “cyber-everything” has only exacerbated the problem, citing that what may “feel” or “appear” to be real relationships—even friendships, such as your Facebook friends—are built on pseudo-intimacy.