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Neogen dating

In the five years I put in I've seen more then 40 people come and go in the shipping department. Department meetings are only held when something bad happens. Stop expecting miracles to happen when all employees are already giving you 100% of their ability.

Focus on the core of the company because that's where the rotting is growing. Cons Working for Neogen is like an unhealthy relationship in which you bring 110% of your commitment and effort and the other side doesn't acknowledged it nor appreciate it.

The department has a very high turnover rate especially with new hires. Trouble prioritizing because every manager feels their product is the most important.

Pros The only reason to work here is if you can't find work else where.Many things done without employee knowledge or understanding. Many employees are frustratingly under-trained due to the high turnover.It’s a sink or swim environment, and the lack of proper training leads to mistakes in the manufacturing process.There’s more, but if you’re still reading, it’s NOT worth it.Many have accepted their fate and end up not caring about exceeding expectations.

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Neogen develops, manufactures and markets a diverse line of products dedicated to food and animal safety.

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