Ms excel consoildating worksheet text data

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Ms excel consoildating worksheet text data

In case you have a requirement on combining multiple columns to on column & you did not have a clue then this whole article is for you. In this article we are going to learn how to combine multiple columns to one column using vba code. The important parts of the object model to look at with respect to tables are: Jan Karel Pieterse: Legg: Sample file for download: tbl Example File tested and works in Excel 20 without issue. Show Totals = True End If End If End Sub[/sourcecode] This routine has a Boolean (True/False) variable passed to it to turn on or off all table parts (non-formatting) [sourcecode language=”vb”] Sub Show Table Parts(Optional By Val b State As Boolean = True) ‘/// Set misc variables Set WS = This Workbook. This is because if you turn off the header row, there’s nothing to filter on, so there’s no need to worry about it.Change these variables for testing in your environment. When working with tables via VBA it’s important to know how to look at them, and thus where to go for information. Name & “‘ column headers:” & NL & s Msg Msg Box s Msg, vb OKOnly, “COLUMN HEADERS” End Sub[/sourcecode] This will not loop through the table, but give a straight count of columns, along with which/where the start/end columns are. Count & ” columns in ‘” & s Table Name & “‘.” s Msg = s Msg & DNL & “Starting on column ” & lo Test.

This method is not available for OLE DB data sources. This will step through a table and list the column headers in a message box, as well as the Immediate window in the Visual Basic Editor (Ctrl G to show it). [sourcecode language=”vb”] Sub Table_List Columns() On Error Resume Next Set WS = This Workbook. List Objects(s Table Name) On Error Go To 0 If WS Is Nothing Or lo Test Is Nothing Then Msg Box “There was an error setting the variables.”, vb Information, “ERROR! Show Headers = True End If End If End Sub[/sourcecode] This selects just the data range of the table, if it is not deleted. [sourcecode language=”vb”] Sub Select Total Row() ‘/// Set misc variables Set WS = This Workbook. Add 1 End If End If End Sub[/sourcecode] This selects just the totals row range of the table, if it is showing.

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I’m familiar with basic formulas (think =SUM and =AVERAGE) and recently learned how to subtotal and reference other worksheets, but what are some other tricks that readers find most useful?

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