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Cockroaches rule the earth and they are smart enough not to think it's because they have big brains. One reason is that we are designed to be modular, adaptable to a wide variety of climates and environmental conditions from Alaska to the Congo.This is not to say we aren't intelligent as a species, in fact, we are. But so are a lot of other species, and they don't run around inventing indoor plumbing.Our chatty defenseless modular sociability forced us to develop social brains to keep track of all the madness, and it is the social brain that thinks we're really smart.It values intelligence for its ability to come up with polio vaccines and electric lighting.

Or a system in which individuals of the species can be born into any of a huge variety of cultures, none of which the organism can predict before its born, and the poor organism has to develop a big brain of a certain kind just to figure out what the fuck is going on and how it has to act to survive in its particular environment.The other reason is that we have to get along with each other to survive.Again, we are not the only species like this - bees have to get along with each other too.It's this desperate need to get along with each other under unpredictable circumstances that makes us invent indoor plumbing and freeway systems and astrophysics.We have to fucking cooperate with each other to survive the elements and each other and so we turn a large portion of our efforts toward smartness.

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In other words, there are more and more of us all the fucking time. We were stupid a long time ago, we are still stupid, and yet we continue to reproduce enormously successfully.

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  1. The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws unanimously recommended in 1970 that all such laws should be repealed, but no state has dropped its prohibition.

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