Married dating and affair Very freaky sex cam for free

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Married dating and affair

About a year ago, another manager hired an employee (I’ll call him Alex) who seems to have hit it off with Anna.Their jobs are such that the two departments don’t need to interact much (if ever) professionally, and our company has no policy against office relationships as long as a manager is not involved with someone they supervise.She left the table, leaving her phone in plain sight, and I saw a message from Alex that began with, “Hey babe, I’m so glad I got to spend the night with my lips against yours…” I noticed that she has since changed the privacy settings so that her texts don’t display on her phone, so maybe she realized that I’d seen it, and at the very least, I know it won’t happen again.Anyway, Alex and Anna’s private relationship isn’t the issue.This isn’t the case with Alex and Anna, and so they aren’t in violation of any policy.

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Colleen Lopez started her career as a reporter and a talk show host in the television show Twin Cities.