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The area remains home to them despite his Georgia roots.And the couple’s love of Baltimore emanated again Monday at Adam Jones’ #Stay Hungry Purple Tailgate.There is nothing more annoying than listening to someone pitch their MLM to you, often times a product they don’t even really use or they are forced to use it because of the continuity aspect of the program. It relies on you getting other people into the program and almost always if your goal is getting actual customers, it is convincing people to spend way too much on products. There would be no feasible way to earn within an MLM if they didn’t overcharge for their products/services.Your best interest automatically has to be you “selling” people on overpriced junk most of the time, and sometimes unsafe, untested and unproven programs.Markakis batted .275/.354/.384 this summer in 160 games.He’s totaled 38, 38 and 39 doubles over the past three seasons.

The Orioles’ .312 on-base percentage this year ranked 27th in the majors.

The Orioles could use a left-handed hitting corner outfielder with a career .358 on-base percentage who is comfortable playing at Camden Yards and capable of serving as the leadoff hitter. There has been previous contact between the teams regarding Markakis, but more of a feeling out process that didn’t involve the highest ranking officials.

But I haven’t detected any signs that a reunion is in the works.

There were doubts within the organization about Markakis extending his career, but he was ready by opening day and has appeared in 474 games in three seasons in Atlanta. Markakis had been loyal to the Orioles, playing through the discomfort in his neck and being a steady presence through good times and bad. The Orioles declined his .5 million option for 2015, but were intent on re-signing him until surgery entered the picture.

Markakis lives in Cockeysville with his wife Christina and their three children.

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