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However, thanks to one adorably befuddled Mark Ruffalo, the opening 10 minutes of the movie aren’t such a secret anymore.

Perhaps he’s a good listener, or an excellent cook, or is kind to strangers.It was created by Filipino toy artist and self-proclaimed “tsinelas man” Elmer Padilla.Ruffalo wrote, “Believe it or not, this #Hulk doll is made out of recycled tsinelas (that’s Tagalog for flip-flops).Obviously, leaking footage from a tight-lipped movie premiere is a huge no-no in Hollywood — but, then again, Mark is an integral part of one of the largest money-making franchises in movie history. There comes a point in every relationship when you find yourself asking, “Is it worth it to stay with someone I know isn’t the perfect man for me, because the perfect man is accomplished actor and environmentalist Mark Ruffalo?

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He straightforwardly tells her he'll be sending a vague text which will, without a doubt, leave her confused.

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